3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial – Create a Flipped Video Lesson with TedEd – YouTube

This entry in the “3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tip” video series shows how easy it is to ‘flip’ any YouTube video with the structured tool set provided at ed.ted.com. These lessons can be public or private, and the easy to use tools let teachers add associated content, a brief quiz, and online discussions associate with the video that is the focus point of the lesson. TedEd is totally free, and teachers get summary feedback on lesson views, quiz results, discussions, etc.

Source: www.youtube.com

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Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy Infographic

The Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy Infographic presents types of activities and grading and feedback criteria to help you plan better assessments.

Source: elearninginfographics.com

Excelente taxonomía que incluye (por fin!) referencias explícitas a la evaluación Online. Hecho de menos la categoría de "Actuación en el mundo real" y una reorganización de la pictografía para que la categoría de "Analizar" no parezca que va después de la de "Aplicar" por ejemplo.

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Teaching doctors how to engage more and lecture less

Once known as having a “good bedside manner,” showing empathy benefits patients and physicians.


Developed by medical faculty at Duke, the University of Pittsburgh and several other medical schools, “Oncotalk” is part of a burgeoning effort to teach doctors an essential but often overlooked skill: clinical empathy.


Unlike sympathy, which is defined as feeling sorry for another person, clinical empathy is the ability to stand in a patient’s shoes and to convey an understanding of the patient’s situation as well as the desire to help.


Clinical empathy was once dismissively known as “good bedside manner” and traditionally regarded as far less important than technical acumen. But a spate of studies in the past decade has found that it is no mere frill. Increasingly, empathy is considered essential to establishing trust, the foundation of a good doctor-patient relationship.


Studies have linked empathy to greater patient satisfaction, better outcomes, decreased physician burnout and a lower risk of malpractice suits and errors. 


By Sandra G. Boodman


Source: www.washingtonpost.com

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17 visualisation tools to make your data beautiful

You don’t need to be a seasoned data scientist or have a degree in graphic design in order to create incredible data visualisations.

Source: econsultancy.com

Aburrido de leer los mismos datos de la misma manera de siempre? Prueba alguna de las herramientas que nos proponen desde este post.

Personalmente creo que son muy recomendables:



-Tagxedo y otros similares de nubes de palabras

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Donald Clark Plan B: What can we learn from the Million dollar teacher?

Source: donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.com.es

Uniendo el movimiento al aprendizaje… aprendiendo al moverse y por moverse.

Learning by doing!

Quizá me guste menos lo del entusiasmo en la enseñanza. No quiero creer que sea la clave, pero los alumnos así lo valoran muchas veces. Seguimos premiando el carisma, aunque sea aparente y no tanto el esfuerzo, el resultado o los medios.

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Layout Cheat Sheet for Infographics : Visual arrangement tips

Infographic layouts refer to the arrangement of your visual elements and your content. When you begin working on a piece of infographic, you should have a story to tell hence, you will need to select a layout that best suits your story. Using the right layout will ensure good readability and convey your message well.


We have put together a cheat sheet for your quick reference to the right arrangement to use, here are six common ones you can quickly work with….

Source: piktochart.com

Una pictograma muy visual para contar historias con pictogramas…

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